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Here are some of the testimonials
submitted by our customers:

1. Michelle. – Magna, UT
After going through many many gold buyers that claim to pay high payouts and practically having to beg for them to send my gold and silver back to me I was very skeptical once again when sending to US Gold Buyers. WOW, I got an immediate response and the highest price yet to be offered to me for the same package that went out to all the others. US Gold Buyers are everything they say they are and then some. Very professional and they will give you the best possible payout they can. I will absolutely do business with them again.

2. Susan S. – Chestertown, MD
This is a thank you- – -I sent my items to you, Steve called me yesterday and told me the amount. Explained a few small items were not silver and asked me if I wanted them back or if I would donate them, which I did. Within 5 minutes of your phone call, the money was in my PayPal account. I wish everything in my life was as easy as this! Thanks again

3. James, S – Peabody, MA
I just wanted to say you guys are topps! fair and honest in a business that has a lot of crooks!

4. Alan R – Loveland, CO
I just read your president’s letter on your website and wanted you all to know how disgusted I am with almost all the companies representing themselves as honest, etc. If there is anything I can do to help your company, please let me know. I’ve been involved with way too many UNscrupulous companies in the past and have found yours to be the most honest and reliable of all of them combined. Just wanted to tell everyone there to keep up the good work!!
I may be a small customer compared to the many large ones you have but you won’t find a more loyal customer than I am. And I appreciate everything you guys have done for me!
Thanks again for being there!!!

5. Jessica T. – Pittsburgh, PA
I would like to say STEVE in customer service was EXCELLENT today. This is not a company that rips you off! I am definitely returning as a satisfied customer. Please share with your staff. Thank You Very Much

6. Spengler L. – San Francisco, CA
This is a fast turn around, 2 days I had money directly deposited into my account. Weighed all my gold and tested it, calculated the price. Sent my gold in, my calculation and there’s was close to the same. I trust them.

7. Robert B. – Dallas, TX
I have been selling some previous metal to you recently and just want you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism…You are everything you say you are and you do everything you say you’ll do..So nice doing business with you….Thank you!

8. Susan H. – Berlin, PA
I just want to thank you for your consistent customer service. You are always accessible, prompt and courteous. Your service alone would make me more likely to use USGoldbuyers in the future!
Your help has been much appreciated. Thanks for being so thorough and dedicated to your job.

9. Dale E. – Jupiter, FL
Like so many others, I had my reservations about shipping in gold. However, my entire transaction with US Gold Buyers occured exactly as stated on their website. They valued my gold at 45% over a local “We buy gold” and my personal jeweler. Thank you for doing business the old fashioned way; fair and dependable.

10. Brian C. – Cave Creek, AZ
I have to say that I had the usual skepticism in mailing out jewelry to an online company and
hoping for the best. But I was truly surprised by US Gold Buyers. The process is so easy and unbelievably fast. I mailed out the package (for free) Monday at 3pm and money in my bank
account Wednesday morning (even though it is five days before Christmas). All that plus the weight was exactly what a local, reputable jeweler weighed it at and 30% more payout. I advise people to get your gold weighed and priced locally and check US Gold Buyers price online and I’m
sure you’ll be mailing off your gold to US Gold Buyers. Thanks for the great service.

11. Doug W. – Greenwood Village, CO
I just wanted to thank you for your great service. As most i was skeptical of this online service. Your customer service rep answered all my questions to make me feel more comfortable with the process. Still somewhat skeptical i did a lot of research to make sure i got a fair value for my gold. After getting a call from your company today i am extremely satisfied not only with the offer but the timely processing as well. Thank you for being upstanding and reputable. I will recommend your company to anyone i come in contact with.

12. Janice C. – Akron, OH
Like many concerned folks, I researched US Gold Buyers for positive feedback as well as reviews and complaints. I found several comforting testimonials, but more importantly I read a few negative reviews and complaints as well. At first, I was skeptical but after reading both sides of the story, I was more than convinced that US Gold Buyers is the place to sell my jewelry. They paid me $300 more than my highest offer. Thanks guys for the awesome service!

13. Todd E. – Omaha, NE
Hello! I received my check Tuesday September 6th and I want to thank you very much! I shopped my gold around to several Omaha area pawn shops and “gold buyers” and you guys beat their price by 40-50%. You have a very smooth and efficient operation and I will definitely come back when it is time to sell more gold! Thanks again!

14. Sandy – Chicago, IL
i just wanted to say how happy i was with your company. I am recommending you to my family… A+++++ You gave me a quote at 5:30 PM (which was 4 times what i paid for the jewelry) and the money was wired to my bank at 7:30 PM
Thank you….sandy in chicago

15. Dan T. – Murfreesboro, TN
I always wondered how can i bypass all the theives out there trying to rip me off by giving out 50 or 60% of the days price. You guys are a god send for good people who have used gold as an investment. I knew that dealers had a secret and that we lay people needed access to that secret. Thanx so much for being such a great help to people like me, I will make sure I tell everyone I know about you guys and hopefully you will get some business from more people like me.

16. Heather S. – Roanoke, VA
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have used your service. I was very nervous about sending away gold and actually getting any money for it. But, after being offered only 520.00 for a chain I knew had to be worth more I decided to give you a try. I sat here nervous all day today waiting for the call. When you called you offered me almost 3 times the amount of my local WE BUY GOLD store. Not only was I shocked but was treated so nicely by everyone I had contact with in your company. Again I sat nervous and waited for the money to be put into paypal. I walked away for a few came back checked my email and there it was. I can’t thank you people enough. From the live chat people that had the patience of a saint with me to the gentleman that called today. (sorry didn’t get your name) I will be telling people that ask me in the future if I have sold any of my gold to ONLY USE YOUR COMPANY.
Thanks for the help and most of all the honesty. Heather

17. Glenn B. – Queen Creek, AZ
Thanks for the great service. Sent package snail-mail, usps, Monday. Money in the bank Wednesday. 3 days from NYC to AZ is not bad!
For the record, I did shop the deal around locally first.
I was offered $160 at a local jeweler with a “we buy gold” sign in the window.
I was offered $170 at a local jeweler my wife likes.
I listened to Dave Ramsey (a talk radio financial “guru”) and visited “GoldStash” at a local hotel “Buying Event”. They offered less than 1/3 ($12/pwt) what USGB paid. Mr. Ramsey will be getting a nasty gram for endorsing these scoundrels! Seriously!! They claim “We pay you more” on their website but were the lowest of all the offers I got.
Fortunately… before visiting these folks I visited your website. I knew what my gold was (14k, 10k, etc…) and I knew close to what it weighed in grams using my kitchen food scale!
Because you published what you pay online it was easy to know that these folks were trying to fleece me.
I will tell anyone I know to look you guys up if they are thinking of emptying the jewelry bin.

18. Thomas F. – Chicago, IL
I recently sent you folks some gold, and everything went fine. No games, no wheeling and dealing, etc. Based on what I sent, I got the price mated – based on your published price list. I would use you again for sure.

19. Carol Sue W. – Lynden, WA.
I would just like to say Thank You and how very professional your company is. Even though I do it via Fed Ex the service is awesome. One day I would like to see the company! I sent my package Monday a.m. and Tuesday afternoon I got the call. I was very impressed with the offer. This is my second time dealing with US GoldBuyers and I have told many of my friends about the company. If you have any doubt, don’t. Do not hesitate to send it to US GoldBuyers. It is a very first class gold buying company and everything is excellent. The staff is awesome, any questions you may have, they take the time to talk with you. Again, I just want to say Thanks.

20. Ashley B. – Fort Worth, TX
I just wanted to write to let you know that I was very happy with the experience I had with US Gold Buyers. Of course, I had apprehension with the whole process of sending valuables to somewhere that I had never been in hopes that I would receive what I felt was fair. I feel that I was a fairly knowledgeable person in the value of the gold that I was sending to you, so I was very happy with the price that you gave me. I was delighted at the excellent customer service that I received both via your “live chat” on your website and also via phone. I feel that your company is well-organized and dealt with me in a very timely manner. I could not have been more impressed with your service. I feel that you are very fair, and I would recommend your company to anyone. Thank you so much!!!

21. Tommy C. – Phoenix, AZ
I cannot believe how fast and courteous the service was! Within 48 hours of deciding to sell, I had money in my bank account. I can’t believe how much money was sitting there in a junk drawer collecting dust!!! Thanks again to Steven and all of the great staff at USGB!

22. Pamela G. – Herndon, VA
Add me to your list of VERY happy customers! I did everything a wise comsumer should in this process: had my gold separated and weighed here in town and got several offers from “well recommended” firms. Yeah, right! For 30 DWT of 14KT gold we were offered $350 at MIDWEST GOLD in Chicago (and that was WITH their much touted 20% added coupon!), then $487 with another local shop… with that much difference we KNEW we would send it to you; what was there to lose? Well, USGOLD , you lived up to every word you print- we mailed it off on Sat. and by 4 PM Monday afternoon I was talking to one of your reps who offered me $773!! That was over THREE time what the local shop was offering and best of all… It was in my Paypal account within minutes! USGOLD… you seriously ROCK!

23. Stephen C. – Willsonville, OR
Just wanted to say thank you for your outstanding service in addition to the best prices paid in the country. I dropped my package off at FedEx about 10:30 am yesterday morning. You received my package about 9:45 this morning. You paid me via PayPal this eve at 5:30, only 7.75 hours after you received it. Thats pretty awesome in my opinion. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their material. Thanks again!

24. Michael T. – Las Vegas, NV
I can’t imagine why anyone selling their gold through any of those companies that advertize on TV. USGB pays WAY more than any of those guys. You will always get my business. Thanks again. You guys are THE BEST !!!

25. Mike G. – Los Angeles, CA
US Gold Buyers were excellent! They were easy, fast, friendly, professional, and offered me twice the payment that my local pawn shop did in Los Angeles. Thanks for the smooth transaction. I would definately recommend US Gold Buyers to friends and family.

26. Wayne T. – Yalaha, FL
Great experience, very professional, prompt call back/payment and very curteous. Matched all of my expectations thank you very much.

27. Kara T. – Boulder, CO
I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your company. I sent my old gold jewelry out on Monday afternoon and received a phone call Tuesday afternoon telling me what my gold was worth and minutes later had the money in my PayPal account. I was very, very pleased with the payout I
received. Thank you for being an honest and reputable company!

28. Michael Z. – Mooresville, NC
I just want to say how pleased I am with my first USGB transaction. I had some 18 karat gold for which most jewelers in my area offered $15-17 per gram. USGB paid me $21.30 per gram. I am quite pleased and will never deal with a jeweler again. USGB all the way, baby!

29. Kelly W. – Flowery Branch, GA
I had to write a positive review for USGB (US Gold Buyers) because my aunt and I dealt with them on several occasions – and each and every time they more than impressed us with their knowledge, courteous service and honesty. They broke down everything we needed to know so we feel safe when dealing with them – I recommend them to anyone looking to sell jewelry

30. Roger F. – Fort Bragg, CA
Dear Stanley and all other staff of USGOLD BUYERS,
Thank you very much for the very pleasant and wonderful transaction that had just done.I want you to know that as a first time seller my experience with you is very excellent and satisfying. Though i dont have any previous experience to compare with, but your honest and friendly dealing with me and my stuff is very EXCELLENT. I will for sure send you my next items in a few period of time and i will recommend your company to my friends who i think need your services.
Once again thank you very much.
Respectfully yours,
Roger F.

31. Don W. – Sweet Home, OR
Thank you US Gold Buyers. Wow you did what you said you were going to do.I over nighted my package to you and it cost me nothing. Just like you said. It arrived the next day no problems. I was worried about this whole transaction. You told me $452.00 when I originally called you. But it had
to be tested. I thought here we go its a scam. I recieved a phone call from one of your staff. They told me it was worth $452.00 I couldnt believe it. After our conversation the money was transferred to my bank account in 15 minutes unreal. I had contacted other buyers and they offered between $260.00 and $280.00. I was a pawn broker for 2 years i know how it works 4 to 6 dollars a gram and you feel like you are being insulted you feel less than human when they get done with you. Thank you US Gold Buyers. My time with you was outstanding you did what you promised. If I ever have the need you will be the first one I call and thanks to all your staff you’re awesome. Sincerely Don W.

32. Almira N. – Lawton, OK
Amazing!! U.S gold paid me soo much money for my gold, double the price from the other dealer, and the people who works in U.S gold are soo professional!! will do business again! thank you soo much!!!

33. John D. – Charlotte, NC
I was VERY skeptical about sending valuables to a company I just “found” on the internet. Especially with all the scams out there. I looked over the website pretty carefully and watched all the little video clips usgoldbuyers provided. I called a local dealer to ask if he would match
the price from usgoldbuyers and he told me there was “no way” they were paying that much. He said: “It has to be a scam. that’s how much I get from a refiner when I sell it.”… Well, obviously he was WRONG!!! I had well over $1000 headed my way within less than 24 hours from first contact to usgoldbuyer’s offer for, what to me, was a little bit of old jewelry in the bottom of a sandwich baggy! THIS IS NO SCAM!!! They pay you very well!
I did the math and received over 90% of the actual “spot” value for gold that day! I’ll be sending more to usgoldbuyers ASAP!!!

34. Gianni G. – Miami, FL
I’d been researching sales of more than 200 grams of gold to local dealers for some time and was discouraged at their offers. I found US Gold Buyers,Inc on the internet. I received their E-mail, had some doubts, so I waited for Monday to decide. Within minutes of opening my office Monday morning, I received an unexpected call from USGB representative. She answered all of my questions, and gave me an offer that I frankly couldn’t believe. I took a chance. Within 24 hours I had twice the amount anyone had offered me locally. Very professional. Profoundest Thanks to USGB for their excellent service and unquestionable integrity.

35. Tammy H. – Miami, FL
I just got off the phone with Steven and needless to say I was very satisfied with the offer. I did a lot of research on lot of companies before sending my gold. As a matter of fact I went to Gold Buyers at the Mall and was offered $1,000.00 for the same gold and you offered me $2,000.00 You were only $50.00 under what I had come up with. I will tell everyone I know who is interested to use your company. No hassle, no deception and top dollar. Thanks again.

36. Bonnie G. – Medina, OH
I was a bit worried at first with the amount of gold I was sending in.
Some of the pieces were actually in very good condition but I did not want to go through the mess of trying to sell myself and with the price of gold I felt it would be easier to send to US Gold Buyers…I can tell you now that I am so happy with my decision! I can say that I am very happy with the amount I was offered. I paid the little extra fee to have the money wired to my bank account and from start to finish it was less than 24hrs!
I am sure I will send more in the future…what a great place to do business with. THANK YOU US GOLD BUYERS!

37. Laurie D. – Arlington, TX
I just received my third $25.00 check for referring my roomate to US Gold Buyers. Ask about their referral program. These guys are great!

38. Christine P.- Centerport, NY
I saw US Gold Buyers on ABC’s Nightline and visited their office the next day. I was pleasantly surprised by their privacy and professionalism. They provided me with instant cash payment that helped me with my bills. Thank You!

39. Pat W.- Barefoot Bay, FL
Dear Steven,Ron, Jose,
Thank you for your generous check. It was much more than I expected and you made me very grateful and happy. You are all so nice and caring. May God bless you, your families, and your company.

40. Jordan K.- Boston, MA
Thanks to the Wall Street Journal, I was able to find the highest paying Gold Buying company
in the nation. Click on their link on the Homepage to read about them. Hands Down, US Gold Buyers are the quickest,and most professional outfit that I came across. Keep up the good work guys!

41. Chris R. – Charleston, WV
Have used their service now two times, FANTASTIC is all I can say, I told all my friends about them, now everyone wants me to sell their stuff for them, I told them how easy it was, and how soon I got paid, and they are now doing it.
Thank you so much US GOLDBUYERS.

42. Marsha B. – Plano, IL
That was SUPER quick, from the time I sent the package to the time I received my payment was 24 hours. GREAT JOB!!!!!

43. Leon K. – Skokie, IL
Needed extra money quick. Once again proved to be fast and reliable.

44. Diane R- San Jose, CA
WOW…Speechless is the only word to describe when US Gold Buyers called to tell me how much $$$ they would give me for my gold jewelery that I don’t even wear anymore! My satisfaction was guaranteed, and your customer service is top notch.
Many thanks and Happy New Year.

45. Michelle R.- Keene, NH
I just sent in some old gold pieces and was so surprised at that payout! I never realized they were worth that much.
Merry Christmas to me!
I highly recommend US Gold Buyers to anyone who is looking for some extra cash for unwanted jewelry. They provide Great and fast service!

46. Laura M.- Atlanta, GA
I was very disapointed when I sent my jewelry to ****** just to get offered $3.00 per pennyweight. With great difficulties I retrieved my stuff back and re-sent my valuables to
US Gold Buyers. I was pleasantly surprised with the expertise, professionalism, and honesty that I was treated with.

47. Tony B. – Ashville, NC
I would like to thank US Gold Buyers for the timely and efficient manner in which they processed our business transaction. I would reccomend US Gold Buyers to anyone who needed their services. I was extremly pleased and satisfied/w their professionalism in handling our business transaction. There is no reason to be skeptical or have doubts as this is a no less than perfect co. to do business with. THANKS USGB

48. Maggie F. – Chula Vista, CA
I received twice as much for my broken necklaces and bracelets than what I was offered locally. Definitely will do business with again

49. Olivia J. – Philadelphia, PA
I have used UsGoldbuyers.com for 3 times and have been very satisfied.

50. Henry K. – North Hollywood, FL
I called them on Tuesday and in within an hour they had their carrier with all the shipping materials at my door. By Thursday I had my check .

51. Russell T. – Hartford, CT
I sold my gold dental caps to USGoldbuyers and didn’t feel intimidated as I would with my local jeweler.

52. Yan M. – Miami, FL
I had over $1,200 in old stuff sitting in my draw collecting dust before I turned to USGoldBuyers.com. Thank you!

53. Jean F. – Tacoma, WA
I sold some old jewelry that I picked up in a garage sale, and more than tripled my money. Thanks UsGoldBuyers.com!

54. Karen H. – Las Vegas, NV
This company works super quick. I had completed the whole transaction and received payment in just 2 days!

55. Leon K. – Skokie, IL
Great company, Great service? Well recommended

56. Zachary G. – Palm Springs, CA
They paid top dollar for my grandmother’s jewelry. Great service

57. Pete K. – Wurtsboro, NY
I just wanted to say Thankyou! for a smooth and trouble free transaction. I will admit I was a little skeptical at first, but you did everything promised and more.

58. Allen B.- Arnold, MO
Wow!!In 24 hours from receipt, they melted, weighed, assayed and made payment. Fantastic company!!

59. Ida C. – Dade City, FL
Reliable,Trustworthy, and dependable. Thank you US Gold Buyers

60. Dee T.- Chesapeake, VA
I’ve used this company twice now and have also referred friends. I’ve been thrilled with their fast service and large pay outs. I totally trust them and will continue to tell my friends about them

61. Todd and Susan W.- Smithfield, VA

62. Monica H.- Brooklyn, NY
I Just visited US Gold Buyers today, got a pretty good deal on my gold – 2X’s as much I was
offered through local buyers. Will definitley do business with them again. Oh, you also get $25 for each referral!

63. Tim R. – Savannah, GA
I just completed a transaction with USGB and I am thoroughly impressed. The entire transaction from shipment to payment was a little more than 24 hours. You lived up to everything you stated on your website and even exceeded my expectations. I will definitely refer you to anyone who asks
about a service such as this and will not hesitate to use your services again.

64. Richard P. – Sarasota, FL
Thanks very much for the prompt professional service I recieved much more than I expected for my old Gold. Excellent company.

65. Yancy L. – Miami, FL
Wow! The best! In 24 hours from receipt, they make the payment. Fantastic company! Thanks! Muy buena, honesta y seria Compañ©¡® Lo mejor que hay

66. De’Borah F. – Jefferson, SC
I appreciate the assistance given to me during my recent transaction. Thank you for your services, and I look forward to possibly working with you again in the near future. Many blessings to you and yours.

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