Selling your valuables to us is simple and easy!

We understand the urgency of getting immediate payment for your items. Over the years we have developed a process that is not only 100% secured, but is also exceptionally quick and convenient.

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Call us toll free at 877-977-4653 to receive our easy-to-follow instructions via Email.


Ship your valuables through our reputable carrier free of charge by using the account number provided. Our special Declared Value Exception (DVX) account is designed to insure your valuables up to $25,000.00. If additional insurance is required, please contact our shipping department so that we can make proper arrangements.
Remember to hold on to the tracking receipt.


When your shipment arrives, we evaluate your items and contact you the same afternoon with the payout. Once we get your approval, the final step is arranging payment! We issue same day payment based on your request.

IMPORTANT: To avoid delays, please do not forget to include the Method of Payment Form

That’s It! It’s That Simple!

• PayPal
• Western Union
• MoneyGram
• Bank Wire
• eCheck
• Company Check

To track your FedEx shipment please click here

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, please return your payment within 14 days and your valuables will be returned to you.