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Host a Party Fund Raising Common Questions Consumer Alert!!! Ideas For Parties Party Tesimonials
Step 1
Invite 10+ Friends to Your Home
Step 2
Our friendly staff will test each guest's jewelry and pay everyone on the spot!
Step 3
Host Gets Paid 10% of the Total Sales ($500 to $2,500) At The End Of The Event.

Why Host A Gold Party With US Gold Buyers?

You Make Money! Our New York hosts earn 10% of all jewelry received without having to lay out a dime!


Your Guests Make Money! Everyone has fun and leaves the party with money in their pocket!


We Handle EVERYTHING! All you have to do is invite your friends. We handle the rest so you don't have to!

What Is A Gold Party?
A gold party is like any other home party in addition to which the host will get paid. In fact, it is just a night of fun where the host invites friends and family to the event and helps them sell their unwanted jewelry in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment. After all the guests get paid for their jewelry, a portion of the proceeds is shared with the host. On average, the host may earn around $500 for the night, but we have seen much larger earnings. It really does depend on the number of people participating in the party and how much precious materials they will sell. Hosts may use the proceeds generated from the event for charitable purposes or simply on a long awaited vacation.

What To Expect At A Hosted Party?
Our trained, professional and friendly staff will make it a breeze to test and purchase precious materials at the party. They will test each customer's gold and pay everyone selling precious materials top dollar on the spot. Our in-home gold parties usually last two hours with food and drinks provided by us at no cost to the host. At the end of the evening, the host will be paid 10% of everything purchased that day. All that is necessary from the host is, to invite their friends and family, and we will manage the rest!

Party Testimonials
"The USGB crew came over my apartment with a whole set up. They brought the snacks and drinks as well as the security and funds for payouts to all the people selling gold and silver. Long story short, I came out with $760.00 just for hosting and another $500.00 for the things I sold! People at the party were very happy with the amount they had made as well. I would definitely recommend these guys to all my contacts. "

Serving NY Tri State Area/ Pennsylvania/MD

Gold Party Successful Hosts Photos

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