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   News: Gold is at an all time high, opportunities abound, it’s a great time to start your own business

US Gold Buyers Academy
would like to let you know that with the complete kit you will be able to test and essentially purchase in order to resell gold, silver and platinum material.

US Gold Buyers Academy was created by USGB Enterprises, Inc. (USGB) with two simple goals in mind:

               To help the families and ultimately the economy by enabling individuals to have their very own small home based business.               
               Increase the number of dealers who will purchase precious materials from the public.               

In a real sense of the business and its promotion, USGB realized that many people enjoy doing the business of selling their jewelry in private or a semi-private environment. This may be one of the reasons folks go to local places to sell their gold and silver jewelry. The other reason may be the convenience of a nearby facility. In order for USGB to keep making high payouts and servicing both large and small clients equally, operations expenses are budgeted aggressively. By putting forth an educational package that guides the layman into a business that generates a positive and worthwhile income for any individual interested in simply getting paid. The inadvertent affect of which creates a virtual precious metals buyer with an excellent support system. Our gold buyers resell the precious materials to us with certain benefits as such dealers.

Here is an opportunity to have a business, be your own boss and make good money doing it. For almost a decade, USGB dealt on a commercial level with dealers, dental labs and jewelry stores. USGB has the experience to handle any size dealer and accommodate fiscally accordingly. Today’s economy has posed a nervous uncertainty and leads the average individual into search of new ventures. Our US Gold Buyers Academy graduates, who continue on the business model and work their connections, prosper primarily by subsidizing their own income. Some instances have been so consistent and viable that our dealers have adopted gold buying and reselling as a new profession.

We are so confident that our Academy works we offer a 100% rebate of the price of the kit.

It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3 ...

1. Learn The Basics - It's Simple!
We will teach you everything you may need to know to locate and determine gold, silver, and platinum. Because of USGB’s experience, knowledge and vested interest, we are the best source to learn from. We want a successful dealer as a long-standing customer that will sell their precious materials acquired to us as often as possible.

You will learn:
• How to locate and test precious metals.
• How to lock in a rate when selling the precious materials to us.
• How to receive funds quickly.

2. Free Insured Overnight Shipping to USGB !
You need a reputable company to provide you a fair assessment of your precious metals materials and promptly handle the transaction honestly. USGB has been featured in and rated #1 by

Wall Street Journal
ABC News
CNN and
Good Morning America.

USGB will personally work with you to make sure you get the highest value for the precious metals and valuables you are reselling.

• Continue using our account with FedEx to ship your items to us FREE & INSURED!
• Expert specialists will evaluate your items and contact you regarding payout within 24 hours

3. Receive Payment Immediately By Direct Deposit, PayPal or Overnight Check !
USGB Enterprises will handle transactions quickly. You determine if you would like to receive payment via:
• Direct Deposit
• PayPal
• Over Night Check (USGB will cover the overnight fee).

With gold trading over $1500 an ounce and silver is almost $40, there is no better time to start earning in reselling these precious metals.

Start Now!

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